Daily doodle – seashells

As a little girl, I had a frontal lisp. My school speech therapist had me recite, “Sally sells seashells by the seashore. The shells she sells are seashore shells.” It worked…no more lisp.

Now I need a therapist to cure me of thinking of this tongue-twister every time I see a seashell.

Daily Doodle – grapefruit

My uncle used to own a house with a small orchard of citrus trees in the back yard. My Mom and I went to visit him for a week and the grapefruit tree was full of ripe fruit. I walked out to the tree every morning and picked my breakfast.

For a northern girl this was a luxury beyond compare. I can still taste the sweetness of that freshest of fruit…still a little cool from the overnight temperature, so juicy, and surprisingly sweet.

A simple and treasured experience I’ll remember for a very long time.