Treasures Over the Fireplace

Last night I went to dinner at a friend’s house. We were watching the tail end of 60 Minutes.

My friends have good taste in artwork, and they had a nice grouping of treasures over the fireplace.

If I were to repeat this exercise, the stone fireplace would be watercolor only—the outlines are far too busy. I had a pen and paper with me, so I used my pen and paper.

Salmon and Fried Rice

Tuesday I enjoyed dinner with a friend at Wine Knot in Kenosha.

She recommended the salmon, and it was such an excellent recommendation.

It was a slab of salmon served over shrimp fried rice that slid down my throat like comfort food. It was accompanied by a soy aioli dipping sauce—delicious!

I did not take time to sketch dinner then, but the next day from memory instead. Nothing quite like sketching your dinner from the night before while you eat your breakfast.

TYFTMB (Thank you for the many blessings)

Sketchbook Revival: Day 14 Session 2

Abbey Sy’s ( session “Collage Travel Jounaling” is my happy place but for one key point…I haven’t travelled anywhere in years! ARGH!

I’m the journal geek who starts her journal for a trip months before the actual trip, so all the anticipation and planning go in the journal too.

I ended up having some fun with ephemera from magazines. I cut an envelope flap in half to make “fickets” (fake tickets).

“Flight: 2,469,321. Time: 1ish or 2ish. Leaving: MKE. Arriving: We hope so!. Destination: Elsewhere.”

The return ficket: “Flight: 37,492,337.51. Time 2:29 am. Leaving: RRG. Arriving: That’s the plan, don’t jinx us! Destination: MKE.”

Then there are some photos from places I’ve never been. That said, I have absolutely sat in a park with a cup of coffee—in a lot of places actually.

I labeled the town street picture “Anywhere, U.S.A.” Then I saw the Main Street in the corner….of course it is.

Why not a picture of Mongolia? That piece of ephemera has been in my ephemera envelope for 13 years and 7 months (I have no idea how long, but it’s been a loooong time). It came out of a copy of National Geographic…they have great maps! I love maps. The Trip Not Taken travelogue page even says so. It must be true.

Sketchbook Revival: Day 13 Session 2

Shubashree Sanganeswaran ( gave us three drawing prompts in her workshop “Visual Journaling to Slow Down and Go Within”.

1st Prompt: What 3 things are you grateful about your body today?

2nd Prompt: What hats do you wear? The question was more metaphorical, but there were quite a few hats to be drawn.

3rd Prompt: Without looking at it, draw a door near you. Eye opening how many actual details I remembered.