Tulips Everywhere

In Wisconsin it has been a good year for tulips. We must’ve had a mild enough winter, just the right amount of moisture in the early spring, and a couple days of warmth at just the right time to unlock their full potential.

Their leaves and stems are strong and upright. The blossoms are particularly well shaped and seem to have longevity.

Sketchbook Revival Day 13 Session 1

Koosje Koene “Let’s Play”

I used watercolor pencils until she got to the technique using the white crayon to create the wallpaper effect…then I dug out my ancient set of crayons and liberated the white one from the box for its first-ever performance.

Adding the wallpaper background robbed my main subjects of their prominence on the page. It was a pretty weak presence to start. I added fine-liner edges to some of the subjects. I added just enough to define them without completely outlining them.

Happy Easter! Or have a wonderful Sunday!

Edit: I’ve removed the art because I read the text under it. My apologies.