Sketchcrawl 16 Results

Sunday, November 4th was the appointed date of Sketchcrawl 16. In my normal fashion, I hoped to bite off more than I could chew by sketchcrawling on Saturday as well as Sunday. In point of fact, I only managed to get out and sketch on Saturday. The moleskine spread shows a map of Kenosha, and I’ve numbered the stops. If you would actually like to be able to read the map, just click on it to enlarge it.

At the first stop, I broke out the watercolors and painted the beach. My apologies for the wrinkles—the sketchbook paper is a little thin for watercolor.

The second stop was a bit farther north. I plopped into a park bench and pulled out a pencil. I’d fully intended to sketch the whole skyline, but I didn’t measure properly. I’ll just have to do the rest another time.

Of the three, I’m most pleased with the sketch of the Civil War Museum.

It was a beautiful (if cool) few hours outside doing something so wonderfully relaxing. Thanks for reading!