Busy Weekend and It’s Only Saturday

Last night was my first night at Ravinia this season. There was a concert in the Martin Theater, but they pipe the music out onto the lawn. There was a pretty good size lawn audience last night. The joint used to be a carnival of sorts, and this carousel horse used to be a prat of an actual carousel on the property. Terrible sketch…wine, music, darkness descending conspired against me…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

After a late night at Ravinia, I got up early this morning to snarf some breakfast and let it settle before I rode up to Racine’s Mound Cemetery to meet a wonderfully creative group of folks for Write & Sketchcrawl. This particular monument was made out of wood! I’d never seen the like. Along the top, your Frederick Acznos’ headtrunk reads, “Erected by the Woodmen of the World.”

The scan was going to include a corner of my mileage log, so I decided to let you enjoy the full story…lucky you! Ha!

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Sketchcrawl 30 Results – Kenosha, WI

Sketchcrawl 30 in Kenosha started at 10 a.m. at the Kenosha Public Museum.

Above Rollin Jansky’s “Terminus Ad Quem,” 1974. Fiberglass and enamel.

In the upstairs gallery they have wonderful benches. I sat on one and drew another. I got a little caught up in the shadows being thrown by a partition off to the right, and the shadows of the bench legs.
Third drawing of the day was of a Gemsbok head hangin’ on the wall. I wish I had eyelashes like this beasty.
We took a quick break for lunch at Char’s Cafe—yum! Eat there if you get the chance…very tasty.

Went to the Civil War Museum for a bit more sketching, and I ran out of lead in my pencil! Doh! Out came the blue ballpoint. I like the way the  lady’s hat and front end of the stove turned out. The fan and canon are teeeeerrrrrrrrrible…ah well, can’t win ’em all.

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Sketchcrawl 27 in Kenosha

We had a wonderful time sketching Kenosha today! Our group started out four strong at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection at 10 am.

Our first stop was Ed’s Tires on 60th Street to see the parrots! They have a lot of parrots hanging out in their showroom area, and they have a koi pond too. We were all very excited to start our sketching, but we had to get used to our living models. The birds started out as curious about us as we were about then, they enjoyed a few pieces of candy, preened each other a bit, and then settled in for a nap.

About half way into the sketching, our group picked up a late arrival sketcher, and as we were leaving a 6th sketcher joined our group.

Our second stop was Library Square and the Simmons Library. There are a couple of statues in the park, and the library itself has some wonderful features, but I ended up drawing a lamp post…oh well.

We stopped at The Nook for a bit of lunch before our next stop…the Rhodes Theater. The last of the vendors from the Harbor Market were loading up their cars to leave, and a bunch of little girls in princess costumes began arriving with their entourages for the two o’clock Cinderella performance. It was a sight to behold.

I started out on one of the Rhodes’ ornate chandeliers, but it proved too ornate for my waning concentration. Details abound at the restored theater, though, so I focused on a single tile on the wall. Didn’t really finish it, but my scanner added some dramatic shadows for your enjoyment. Upstaged by my own scanner…what’s the world coming to!?!?

We made one more stop over at the Simmons Lighthouse Keeper’s house. Today was the grand opening of the newly restored museum. Didn’t end up doing any sketching there..ran out of gas. So, I walked the displays with the remnants of our dwindling group and then said my goodbyes.

It was a very fun day with a talented group of artists. Each of us fielded questions about our group, so we spread the word about Sketchcrawl too…maybe more folks will join us next time.

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Sketchcrawl 26 Results

I was waiting to post this until I could post the digitally colored version along with it. That particular project is coming along slowly because I have this other thing to do…they call it work, I believe.

Anyhoo, I went to one of my favorite Kenosha lunch spots, Common Grounds, and enjoyed half a sandwich and some lemonade in their room overlooking the river. It was busy, but there were other open tables so I didn’t feel too bad about lingering over my sketchbook in hopes of having something to show for Sketchcrawl 26. This started out as a pencil sketch, and then it enjoyed a going over in Micron pen.

After I scanned it, I did some fairly aggressive Photoshop cleaning. I’ll eventually get around to finishing the digital painting.

The original scan is below—complete with little color notes, page shadow from the sketchbook not laying flat in the scanner, and other rogue schmutz.

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Sketchcrawl 25

This morning, I poured my last cup of coffee into a travel mug, tossed my small sketchbook and a pencil in a bag, and marched out the door. After a short walk, I arrived at Library Park and sat down at a picnic table. I didn’t move for an hour while I drew this lovely home.

I had an opportunity to go in this house a couple of years ago during a Christmas crafts sale that the couple hosted for a local organization. At the time, the home was lovely but worn. The couple who own it have been working on it steadily (and carefully) restoring it. I hope they host another craft sale soon, so I can see what progress they’ve made inside. The outside received a completely new paint job this year. My sketch doesn’t do the gingerbread any real justice, but there was a LOT of detail work there, and they did a great job with it—butter yellow on the brick with white trim, and maroon highlights—gorgeous!

As I understand it, they were hoping to open a B&B, but they were having a hard time getting permission from the city. I don’t know if anything has changed with the city, but it would be a wonderful B&B!

Back to the topic of the Sketchcrawl: The concept is to go to several locations and sketch along the way—twist on the classic pubcrawl. I did go to several locations—the park, a restaurant for lunch, a walk along the lake, and back home to my sunny back porch. However, I ended up working on this one sketch at almost all of those locations.

I did accidentally discover a technique for doing the brick so it doesn’t look so heavy. I did the brick in my usual manner, and then I erased a lot of it. The eraser leaves enough along the edges and even in the erased areas, that the texture is still there without all of the lines. This may be old news to you, but it was a happy new discovery to me 😀

If you’d like to see other results from the worldwide Sketchcrawl go to: Sketchcrawl Forum and click the link for the 25th Sketchcrawl.

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