Sketchcrawl 26 Results

I was waiting to post this until I could post the digitally colored version along with it. That particular project is coming along slowly because I have this other thing to do…they call it work, I believe.

Anyhoo, I went to one of my favorite Kenosha lunch spots, Common Grounds, and enjoyed half a sandwich and some lemonade in their room overlooking the river. It was busy, but there were other open tables so I didn’t feel too bad about lingering over my sketchbook in hopes of having something to show for Sketchcrawl 26. This started out as a pencil sketch, and then it enjoyed a going over in Micron pen.

After I scanned it, I did some fairly aggressive Photoshop cleaning. I’ll eventually get around to finishing the digital painting.

The original scan is below—complete with little color notes, page shadow from the sketchbook not laying flat in the scanner, and other rogue schmutz.

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To a "T"

Made a few sketches this weekend, but it wasn’t until I was scanning them and naming the files that I realized my propensity to draw objects beginning with the letter “T”. The tomato plant happened to be a very good model. That’s the least it could do since it keeps teasing me with little green tomatoes.

There’s really no good reason for this unusual focus of mine. No tall, dark stranger with a letter “T” prominent in his name has wandered into my life. I did not see a Model T on the highway over the weekend. I DID drink a lot of iced tea—as evidenced by the above picture. As a matter of fact, I believe I was drinking a glass of iced tea while I was drawing the sun tea brewing. Could be a conspiracy. Come to think of it, since the Boston Tea Party, tea has not really enjoyed the same level of divisive fame, and it could be looking for a little of the old spotlight. I’ll have to keep an eye on those teabags to see what they’re brewing.

Sorry, yes, I had to go there.

Now you could argue that this last one is more about the circus performer than it is about the tent, but then you’d just be lookin’ to interfere with my mojo, and why would you want to do a thing like that?!?

For the record, the tent came first. It was a two line doodle that turned into a tent. The circus performer started from the feet, but the torso was illusive, so what’s an artist to do? Why draw a Pacman eating the performer of course! Ha, can’t believe you didn’t see that one coming…sheesh.

Perhaps I’ve struck gold for drawings with a theme—pick a letter, any letter, and find the objects to fill the book. That really doesn’t sound very exciting. Sounds a little more like dictionary manufacture.

I think I’ll just revel in this happy coincidence, and move on. Or perhaps I’ll submit them to the shrink and see what my psyche is telling me. Yo, Nan, I’m thinking you were hungry, thirsty and bored! That’ll be $568.02, please. NEXT!

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Sketches from Vacation and an Open Figure Drawing Class

I’m going to start by posting the sketches from vacation in Conover, WI so they will appear at the top of the post. The sketches from open figure drawing are probably not suitable for work or for children, so don’t scroll to the end of the post if either applies.

In point of fact, I attended the figure drawing class on September 11th, and the Conover sketches were done on the 19th.

The Conover sketches were done in pencil, and the figure drawing sketches were done in charcoal.

From open figure drawing which is held on Tuesdays from 6-8:30 at Artworks in Kenosha, WI.

Our model’s clavical did not look that strange, nor were his hands so strange. These are all things I must work on, I know.

The benefit of posing the sketches electronically is that I can selectively edit out the miserable failures that did happen during the session. The hands behind the head sketch was a second attempt at one pose. The flippy-toe foot was a third doodle. His toe really did flip up like that, and I just had to have it on paper.

Best of the Evening, but NSFW/C
Ok, I wimped out. Feel free to click on the link above to see my best drawing of the evening. Let me say it again, IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN.

The 3rd drawing was certainly my best of the evening. I was tapped out after doing it, and the light was wishy washy for the last pose (this would be the reason for the amorphous blob reference), so I ended up sketching one of the other artists.

Datebook and Sketchbook…oooooo…

As promised, my unfinished watercolor from Door County. I just applied paint to the page without doing a base sketch, and I think it really shows. I’m pleased with what I dabbed on the page, however, and it brings the scene quite clearly back to mind.

While I was flipping the pages of the sketchbook, I ran across these taped-in figure drawings. I’d grabbed a small stack of copy paper and a charcoal one evening and went to town drawing from the tv. There was a whole lot of really awful stuff on the pages when I finished, but these were a few of the better bits. It was nice to be able to hack them out of the muck and get rid of the really bad stuff.

The quote: “After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.” —Cato the Elder (234-149 B.C.)