Sketchbook Revival Day 5

Day 6 arrived in my email just a short time ago, but I was playing catch-up on day 5 after breakfast this morning.

Robyn McClendon’s program “Altered Book as a Sketchbook” was a welcome exercise in being not so precious about objects while also creating something fun and beautiful.

My victim with a stack of pages ripped out.

This is not my first foray into altering a book. I last did this as a calendar for the year. Some of those pages were very satisfying, but only after I spent a LOT of time collaging on them or painting them. Not great to be driven by the demands of a calendar.

The second session was Jessica Swift’s “Using Your Inner Voice to Create a Powerful Visual Message to Yourself”

I used Graphix sketch markers with a blending tool on sketch paper in my book, and I anticipated bleed through. By happy coincidence I had torn pages to back my work…kismet.

I’m going to keep those torn pages for collaging. I can see how a person can become a pack rat. However, I sometimes get the urge to purge, so I should be ok.
My little mantra is a perennial favorite. It has seen me through many uncertain times when I didn’t know which way to go, so I just moved forward.

I hope your day is more than ok.

Art Supply Test – Blick Illustrator Markers

On the trip to Chicago last week to sketch with the Urban Sketchers, I made a side trip to Blick and got a great deal on a set of illustrator markers.

Did a few tests in various notebooks and these babies bleed…even on 98 lb Canson mixed media paper.

The do put down a satisfying amount of color per stroke, and each pen has two nibs…brush and chisel.

The test: A ModriNan (ha!) on a false-start page.

And the flip side.

Special thanks to Smithers the cat for lending her behind as a specialty easel for photography. Smithers is currently putting in community service in an effort to make Santa’s “nice” list.

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Sketching with the Krazines

This morning a contingent of artists met in Kenosha to sketch the tall ships. The Tall Ships Challenge started yesterday, and the ships will be here until Sunday.

The Krazines group was there, and just up the walk was a contingent from USK Chicago.

This is the bow of the Niagara. Rigging is a challenging subject! Phew!

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Sketchcrawl 26 Results

I was waiting to post this until I could post the digitally colored version along with it. That particular project is coming along slowly because I have this other thing to do…they call it work, I believe.

Anyhoo, I went to one of my favorite Kenosha lunch spots, Common Grounds, and enjoyed half a sandwich and some lemonade in their room overlooking the river. It was busy, but there were other open tables so I didn’t feel too bad about lingering over my sketchbook in hopes of having something to show for Sketchcrawl 26. This started out as a pencil sketch, and then it enjoyed a going over in Micron pen.

After I scanned it, I did some fairly aggressive Photoshop cleaning. I’ll eventually get around to finishing the digital painting.

The original scan is below—complete with little color notes, page shadow from the sketchbook not laying flat in the scanner, and other rogue schmutz.

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