At Play While Waiting

I can’t go up to my office yet because I’m waiting for a service guy to arrive.

Last night I started cutting up a National Wildlife Federation calendar from last year. I love the photos and have a hard time throwing them away. This is perfect fodder for the altered sketchbook I started in Sketchbook Revival.

This is one of the spreads I made last night, and while waiting for the service guy, I drew the bee this morning.

I’ve got so much work to do, but I need a coffee refill and the I guess I’ll have to keep playing until he arrives. Oh, the tragedy…ha!

Sketchbook Revival Day 5

Day 6 arrived in my email just a short time ago, but I was playing catch-up on day 5 after breakfast this morning.

Robyn McClendon’s program “Altered Book as a Sketchbook” was a welcome exercise in being not so precious about objects while also creating something fun and beautiful.

My victim with a stack of pages ripped out.

This is not my first foray into altering a book. I last did this as a calendar for the year. Some of those pages were very satisfying, but only after I spent a LOT of time collaging on them or painting them. Not great to be driven by the demands of a calendar.

The second session was Jessica Swift’s “Using Your Inner Voice to Create a Powerful Visual Message to Yourself”

I used Graphix sketch markers with a blending tool on sketch paper in my book, and I anticipated bleed through. By happy coincidence I had torn pages to back my work…kismet.

I’m going to keep those torn pages for collaging. I can see how a person can become a pack rat. However, I sometimes get the urge to purge, so I should be ok.
My little mantra is a perennial favorite. It has seen me through many uncertain times when I didn’t know which way to go, so I just moved forward.

I hope your day is more than ok.