30 Years Ago Today

The watercolor is incidental and unrelated to 30 years ago today.

30 years ago today, my grandmother died. She was the glue holding the extended family together. Others have flirted with this responsibility, and had moderate success. Grandma did it like it was second nature, and completely effortless.

I’ve known more years without her in my life than I knew with her in my life, and that leaves me a little melancholic. I also know how special her presence was in my life, and how lucky I was to have her love for the years I did, and that leaves me with gratitude.

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Last Days of 2020

The 2020 Moleskine diary is going to be shelved at the end of the coming week. Trying to help it go out with a bang.

My Christmas cards were written and mailed the day after Christmas. I’d like to blame the year for this, but in reality it is a usual practice. I like to think a late arriving Christmas card extends the holiday for my loved ones.