June 13th through the 15th

I’m playing a bit of catch-up after some busy work days.

Monday was perhaps a bit busier in the afternoon after I watched the January 6th hearing in the morning. I might lose followers over this, but it is very satisfying watching these hearings.

The word for Monday the 13th was “sign”…CNN’s banners worked out just fine for me.Knowing how busy the summer months are for me, I did some illumination on various pages. One such illumination straddled the 14th and 15th.

The phrase for the 14th was “salt and pepper” and there is a polar bear and a black dog…close enougb. The word for the 15th was “uneven.” The doodle has an uneven number of boxes on each page.

I like it when my work is done by way-back me.

June 8th

Yesterday was a very busy work day, so this moon came into being this morning (the 9th).

I had a first-ever in-person meeting with my Off The Pews clients. One of the organization’s partners, the Hyde Park Art Center, hosted our meeting (5 of us with masks).

It took me two hours to drive from Kenosha to Hyde Park due to traffic, construction, downpours, and the general mayhem off the world. I made it safe and sound, and we had a productive meeting full of brain storming for the future and a bit of short-term planning for things that have to happen now (today will be a busy day, too).

We also laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Online connections, though they are grueling and somewhat unsatisfying, do still help build connections. I was walking into a room of friends even though we’d never met before.

With this in mind, I read an article this morning about companies telling workers to return to the office full-time or on a hybrid basis. When the workers do return they discover upper management is not doing so. This is bad leadership. One of the pillars of leadership is never to ask a subordinate to do something you are unwilling to do yourself. IMHO this also falls under the heading “basic human kindness,” but I could be wrong. Nope, no wrong about this…ask Marie Antionette.

The class struggle is real and apparently, like war, a fundamental habit of humans that is practiced on a tragically regular basis.

We all stare at the same moon and fill our hearts with the same hope for love and safety.

Today’s word is “chaos”. Oh dear.