August 3: Dock

This one was done in the late evening hours yesterday. The word had been in my mind all day long and the picture in my head was standing at the top of a dock looking out at a lake.

The inspiration. Please forgive the quick, heavily shadowed snap.

It just so happened I’d done some illumination on the Moleskine calendar page months ago. Hmmmm…

And I’ve spent more than a few moments imagining how the holes could be used.

This might be a recurring theme.

Tomorrow’s word which is actually today since yesterday is posting today…sigh: wafer

August 1: Breakfast

Next month my aunt and I have pencilled in our calendars to do the World Watercolor Challenge (Doodlewash, a.k.a. Charlie O’Shields) which usually happens in July.

I will be working waaaaay outside my comfort zone because I rarely work with watercolor first. My aunt can paint circles around me. Back in the day she was a double major in college…art and physics.

Anyhoo, I’m giving myself a warm-up month since I’m the underdog. Not that this is a competition—not with my aunt.

Here’s the watercolor start…

Fruit for breakfast.

Working watercolor first and trying to capture any detail is very new to me. Dilution of the paint, the brush strokes (or points for blackberries) needed to create texture, and line work (the thin skin of the peach sections) were all new to me.

I’m accustomed to “coloring” with watercolor. There is a dissatisfying mount of white still in the background, but I was trying not to let one paint bleed into another.

I think I’m going to have to take this challenge to my mixed media sketchbook so I can work longer. Love my Moleskine, but my calendar just doesn’t have the paper for this.

And then I made it a good muddy mess when I added a little pen and tried to anchor the glass bowl with a table background.

1 down, 30 to go.

Tomorrow’s word: popsicle.

Now I want a popsicle. I only had fruit for breakfast after all.

June 26 and 27

Over the weekend, I cleaned out a closet…very satisfying.

I came across a set of Nupastel Color Sticks from 1,000 years ago. Ok, they aren’t that old, but they are old. Manufactured by Eberhard Faber, and I believe originally owned by a family member and handed off to me due to lack of use by them.

The word for the 26th: memento. The word for the 27th: pastel. The instructions were clear. What made me clean that closet at that moment? It is a closet that has been bugging me for a while. It was also a beautiful day and there are so many things I could have been doing outside that day.

Unrelated but Not Unrelated

I learned Monday of the tragic and unexpected death of a friend of the family. My aunt’s college roommate and close friend was walking her bike in a crosswalk when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Debbie was a loving, caring, devout woman with an infectious laugh. She was an only child, a beloved wife, and aunt to my aunt’s kids. Debbie was family and she will be missed.

Skipped Some Days

The June 22nd prompt was “splash of color.”

It had been some time since I worked in the altered book. There are a lot of potential materials around for a splashy page.

Recycled notebook paper. The note in the corner refers to art that used to be taped to the page…photos from the magazine to be used as drawing inspiration.

As it happens, the dribbling of ink I made months ago ended up on the splash of color page.