Sketchbook Revival Day 9 Session 1

Susan Chiang’s “A Pair of Pears: Loose Watercolor Sketching”

For those of you who follow my work, this is my favorite way of working. I did take a liberty at the end and add some hard lines in pen and walnut ink…around the stems, in the shadows, and along some edges.

Commissioned Piece

This is Charlie.

He was a good boy, and he lived a happy life. His mom told me he used to love chasing chipmunks, so my version of his grooming scarf has a chipmunk.

This drawing has been in the works for a while.

My board dropped onto the floor in the midst of the drawing and folded the paper…argh! Hoping framing and time flatten it out nicely.

Some photos from the journey and the source photo.

Commissioned Piece

This is General Cuddles. He no longer has teeth, he does have cataracts in both eyes, and he does not walk steadily so he rides in a pram.

His ferocious demeanor upon meeting strangers remains intact. Meet him on the path and learn how he got his stars. Dogs in his own pack give him a wide berth. That may be because he no longer recognizes members of his pack so any dog brushing by—friend or foe—gets a good snarl.

Certain liberties were taken with his attire to suit his ferocity (the faux medal of valor) and clan affiliation (his snappy tartan).