At Play While Waiting

I can’t go up to my office yet because I’m waiting for a service guy to arrive.

Last night I started cutting up a National Wildlife Federation calendar from last year. I love the photos and have a hard time throwing them away. This is perfect fodder for the altered sketchbook I started in Sketchbook Revival.

This is one of the spreads I made last night, and while waiting for the service guy, I drew the bee this morning.

I’ve got so much work to do, but I need a coffee refill and the I guess I’ll have to keep playing until he arrives. Oh, the tragedy…ha!

WIP – McKinney

Of a Sunday evening, my good friends Pam and Katie will share their meal with me, and my dog Clover will visit with her buddy, their Great Pyrennes, McKinney.

In gratitude for so many delightful meals/conversations/all-around good times, I’m working up a drawing of the big guy.

Yesterday’s preliminary sketch:

Very rough and I see three things I will watch on future sketches…the droop of his eye, the length of his ear (too short above) and the height of his muzzle (too short above).

Thanks for stopping by!