Got My Ears Lowered Yesterday

That title phrase brought to you from the early- to mid-20th Century from my grandmothers.

“Hey! You got your ears lowered!” The most oft used version.

“I have to go get my ears lowered.” An alternate version.

I left quite a pile of hair under Elsa’s chair. Here’s a quick 2 minute sketch so you can appreciate just what a pile it was. A squiggle for every lock…not so much.

My head feels better and lighter in one aspect at least. Now we just have to fix the environment, stopped armed conflict throughout the world, end discrimination, and get a grip on a few other small issues and we’ll be hunky dory (another fine phrase relic).

Happy hump day!

Sketchbook Revival: Day 14 Session 1

Viddhi Saschit ( instructed us in “Gouache Pattern Designs”.

This was a fun and relaxing exercise too, but I was working with acrylics since I don’t have any gouache.

Viddhi’s results were so clean edged. That would take practice and maybe less coffee.

Sketchbook Revival: Day 9 Session 2


This was a wonderfully taught session by Barbara Baumann ( entitled “Drawing Dynamic Dancers with Ink and Watercolor”

Dynamic was the word of the day, and Barbara’s technique is all about dynamic and fast pencil marks, pen marks and playful color.

I didn’t nail a single part of the tutorial. Flamed out in glorious fashion.

“Nan, whhhhyyyyy would you share this with us???”

Because the true nature of the world and our experience on it involves a lot of failure. I’m not willing to share all my failures…I’m a bit sensitive about some of them. This one, though, is too bad not to be shared. It’s a clunker…a real dog…WOOF!

This tutorial has shown me an area I can work on to see if there is improvement. Barring an improvement in my technique, I will have gained a deeper understanding, appreciation, and respect for what artists like Barbara Baumann achieve.