Found Object

Kenosha’s denizens are fond of painting rocks and hiding them hither and yon. Small children drag their parents by frayed locks along rocky paths through parks in search of #KenoshaRocks so they can claim them and re-hide them—hours of fun for all. I have no real complaints about this, and the rocks do, I begrudgingly admit, give me a little smile when I spy one.

Walking Clover along the lakefront last week, I found this one:


Clover gave it a sniff and then moved on, but I took a closer look and was amazed!

Who knew so much was going on in the world?

Local News: Outdoor Markets

June 27th is going to be a big day in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin because 2, yes 2!, outdoor markets will be opening for business.

We will see the reopening of the Kenosha Harbor Market and the inaugural opening of the Kenosha Public Market.

There is an extensive list of safety rules (for vendors and attendees alike) for the Kenosha Public Market, so please visit their page and review them. I’m guessing many of the same rules will be in place for the Kenosha Harbor Market.

If you like the ease of curbside pick-up, KPM has an app for that! There is more information about it on their site.

Here is the map for the new Kenosha Public Market:

Map courtesy of the Kenosha Public Market.

While researching this quick post, I also ran across this handy reference for other farmer’s markets in Kenosha on the VisitKenosha website.

Now for an Eco Moment

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed in the restriction on reusable bags because I’m all about doing away with as much plastic as possible. That said, I realize this restriction is likely meant to prevent point-of-contact transmission—vendors don’t know where your (and my) bags have been.

I will likely bring my bag anyway, and I will take a pass on the plastic and load the veg myself after a gloved hand-off for larger single items. For bags of cherries, blueberries, etc. I will accept the situation (and plastic) BUT I WILL REUSE the plastic.

A plea to vendors: Please consider making the switch to biodegradable bags. If you are against paper, there are plant starch bags available.

Finding plastic bags in the parks, trees, bushes, and streets is disheartening. Throwing them in the trash doesn’t make them disappear from the world. Having respect for each other and future generations means having respect for the place that provides the sustenance of the body and soul to all of those people.

Lecture complete, thanks for reading!

Sketching with the Krazines

This morning a contingent of artists met in Kenosha to sketch the tall ships. The Tall Ships Challenge started yesterday, and the ships will be here until Sunday.

The Krazines group was there, and just up the walk was a contingent from USK Chicago.

This is the bow of the Niagara. Rigging is a challenging subject! Phew!

Thanks for stopping by!