Italy Journal Sketches

First sketch of the Italy travel journal.
That’s my real luggage—to scale! Ha, ok so maybe not, but it kinda
felt like it until I had to carry it.
Fig page edge…the fruit is hard to come by around here,
but they littered the ground outside our door at the villa.
One of the guest buildings at Cinelli-Colombini.
Notes from our tour guide’s presentation at Avignonesi. She explained
in great detail two experiments in planting that were completed at
their winery. No two vineyards were the same on the trip—they
all had their own practices and traditions.
What happens when you try very hard to draw a straight line while riding
on a bus? Wonkiness! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
It tickled me that my morning cappuccino was served to me every morning in a cup with
Big Ben and the Parliament building on it—loved it!
Our final night at Cinelli-Colombini we had dinner
“on our own” at the Osteria di Donnatella (the restaurant
on the property of the villa). Bob very generously decanted
a 2000 Donatella Reserve for each table as a treat. Wow!
The villa sent us off with a bag lunch for our 5-hour bus ride to the Adige
region in the north of Italy. There was a yummy dessert bar in there, too, but
I required sustenance for the drawing…ha!
This bit o’ sketchiness is out of chronological order in my travel journal.
Our first night in the Adige region we ate at the Gasthaus Zum Schenk…
wonderful food, very friendly people, HUGE language barrier that
led to a lot of laughter for all the parties involved.
It also led to a game of musical beer glasses for one of our tour members
who wanted a small beer—but not that small. And then a large beer—but not that large.
A rough and incomplete (let’s face it, just terrible) map of our short morning
walk around Trento after breakfast. We went full-out tourist with cameras in
hand to look at the river, architecture and whatever else captured our attention.
Juice first…wine later 🙂

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Fellow Victim of a Delayed Train

While journaling this morning on the train, I looked up to see this man reading his paper. Little did he know he was to be victimized twice in a mere matter of moments: once, by me sketching him, and again, by a malfunctioning signal that delayed the train by 6 WHOLE MINUTES!!!! Is such an injustice to be born?!? I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to pity him, but to always remember.

This concludes our moment of melodrama for the day.

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