Inktober 2021: 3 Vessel

Jeannie’s bottle.

I watched the show as a girl. Barbara Eden was the luckiest woman on the planet in my youthful ignorance. Pretty clothes and a neat place to live…cushioned and pink.

I’m sure the show was pitched to a studio as “a modern day Alladin’s lamp, with a girl as the genie.”

Not mentioned was the stripping away of the context of the original myth (which was a bit screwed up on its own but intended to exist as a short-lived parable teaching the listener to be careful what they asked for.

Also without mention was the misogyny of having a scantily clad woman pleasing her master, and imprisoning said woman in a bottle when he didn’t want or need her for something.

I hope Barbara Eden at least cleaned up financially.

Full disclosure, I watched the documentary “This Changes Everything” yesterday. Now I’m reflecting on my youth and shaking my head over the time I wasted glued to the tube.