Skipped Some Days

The June 22nd prompt was “splash of color.”

It had been some time since I worked in the altered book. There are a lot of potential materials around for a splashy page.

Recycled notebook paper. The note in the corner refers to art that used to be taped to the page…photos from the magazine to be used as drawing inspiration.

As it happens, the dribbling of ink I made months ago ended up on the splash of color page.

Pipevine Swallowtail Mixed Media

How do I know it’s a Pipevine Swallowtail? My 2021 National Wildlife Federation calendar titled “Treasures of Wildlife” told me.

It also told me the photographer’s name is Robert Day from Daybreak Imagery.

I respect their copyright despite the fact my use is not for profit, so I’m not going to show you the original photo. Instead, I encourage you to visit their online gallery. Richard and Sue Day are talented photographers so you’ll enjoy the visit. You may want to set a timer before you click through so you don’t lose too much time browsing.

Here’s the mixed media (iridescent watercolor, ink, and watercolor pencil) piece I made from it:

Pictured again with a little tilt for the light and iridescent paint to show off their shared talents.

I think I need to do a little reading about this butterfly. The University of Florida has a “Featured Creatures” page about them. Apparently that luminescent blue is an aid in mating.

Time to go to work. Have a great Tuesday!

A Dropper in My Ink Bottle

A bottle of Sennelier Abstract acrylic ink arrived in a SketchBox. Other bottles of ink have arrived in the past with their usual caps. Remove the cap, dip your pen (stick, finger, whatever) and off you go.

This bottle arrived with a dropper, and I was a bit put off by it. A dropper suggests I should set aside a separate container exclusively for the use of a good quantity of this ink instead of conveniently using just the amount I wish to use directly from the bottle.

That would mean devoting yet another object to a purpose when I’m trying to restrain the introduction of more objects into my world. I have plenty thanks.

I set it aside.

You see my reluctance to use it was not due to the color of the ink because I was looking forward to using this blue. It was not really the dropper either.

My reluctance was to change.

I’m actually quite open to change, and anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have changed quite a bit recently.

Adaptation to change takes time and is a creative process when done well. There are plenty of changes we have to adapt to quickly in the fast-paced environment that seems to have established itself as a norm.

Back to the dropper.

My mind reframed itself in its own time and allowed me to use the dropper. The dropper was the tool, not the problem.

My mind had been inflexible regarding a single, simple, salient point. The most obvious thing to the audience reading this was to use the dropper. That was not the first thing that came to my mind because my mind had been conditioned to approach capped ink bottles with a dip pen. There had not been a conscious effort to train my mind, just the prevalence of ink bottles with plain caps.

This change was of no consequence at all, and it was so inconsequential that I could set it aside for my brain to mull over on its own time. After all of that, I came to the obvious conclusion.

How much trauma is visited on my brain with the speed of change in every other facet of my life? How does that build inflexibility into my reasoning mind?

So I used the dropper.

It is a really lovely blue. This Rorschach hung out in my altered book for a couple of weeks, and then 60 Minutes had an article about UFOs…I don’t recall the acronym at the moment. But my mind went to aliens. Be honest yours did too.

Whether they are terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, what I know is the U.S. government claims not to know. That will be preying on my mind.

I think I’ll focus on the little things for a bit.