Posts with Illustrations from 2005

Speak Up’s Word It for November

…is “quick”.

The Great Wardrobe Shift

It’s fall and time for that fun game we all get to engage in twice a year—The Wardrobe Shift. This is the game in which you attempt to remember exactly what you own that will see you through the next season. At about the time I finally have the summer clothes all figured out and on a nice rotation, the temperatures start dropping, and I know it’s time to begin THE SHIFT.

As if it weren’t bad enough that we have to go from one complete wardrobe to another for the cooler temperatures, we also have to make the incremental adjustments along the way. There’s no time to really settle into the spring and fall clothes (as if there are actually “spring” and “fall” clothes). They are the outfits that are strange blends of summer and winter items brought together for a short period of time—just to see us through until the weather is fully committed.

The clothes, themselves, rarely enjoy this in-between-season time. The sweater really prefers the heavier pants to the lighter summer pair you are currently wearing because you think it’s “not quite cold enough yet”. So the sweater and the pants nag you all day long that they just don’t belong together. Every time you look in the mirror, you wonder why you forgot to turn on the lights before you looked at your murky reflection. Maybe just one more cup of coffee before you left the house would have snapped you out of your wardrobe malfunction. Maybe there should be a Garanimalesque system for adult clothing, you think to yourself. And you could corner the market if only you had the time.

There’s one solace in the dark season of clothing confusion—you’re strangely comfy.

KPK’s Monster

November 10th


Illo Friday “Imagine” and SpeakUp! “Star”

I did a combo illustration—lazy or creative? You make the call.

I’d initially done this for Illo Friday “surprise”, but it was too late. I think it applies well to “imagine”, as in “Imagine poor Harvey’s impending mysery at the hands of his closest friends.”

Flash forward to 2022: Harvey’s closest friends were immortalized in The Word It Book published in 2007, edited by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armit Vit. You’ll find the trio on page 169.

2022 Note continues: None of us ever imagined Harvey’s pals would hang out on a page with Marilyn Monroe for eternity. I think the editors had a little fun with this page arrangement.

Illo Friday “Holiday”

This is a colored pencil drawing that adorned my Christmas letter this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

And a Happy New Year too!

This post is a consolidation of several posts from 2005—with a little new information tossed in for good measure.

Illo Friday "Climbing"

My contribution to Illustration Friday is a Nile Monitor climbing a tree stump in the Everglades. Sketched from a photo by Jeremy Woodhouse and published in the National Wildlife Federation magazine in an article about invasive species.

Wednesday of last week, I took a walk down to the marina. It was COLD! So what would have been a slightly larger drawing turned into a drawing of a single boathouse. I think I’m pretty much finished with winter at this point. It’s been nice, but I’m ready for spring.

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The Dregs

Woefully behind on so many parts of my life at the moment, but ahead of the game on the parts that put bread on the table, so I can’t complain/apologize/agonize too much.

I couldn’t tell you exactly the day or hour I drew this gentleman, but I could tell you the morning light was warm coming in from the left side of the train. I could tell you there was something about him that reminded me very much of my maternal grandfather. I could tell you that he really wasn’t as old as he ended up in the drawing—less is more, and my pencil got away from me, so he ended up looking older than he should.

Ah doodles…who doesn’t love a good doodle session. On the train again, and you might not believe it but those two heavy black dots were a couple of puddles. It had rained that day, and the pavement was drying. The squiggly line is the border between the wet and dry pavement and there were these two puddles, you see. Speaking of seeing, the knot in a particular piece of wood ended up as an eye. Need I go on? It’s a doodle. It’s the stream of consciousness of the artist. I couldn’t tell you when they were put on paper, but I remember each moment they were put there because of the poignancy of the moment.

An Illo Friday gone to neglect. It seemed like the idea at the time, but is a bit macabre upon review. Still true though, just because it’s a bit dark doesn’t make it any less true. You know that moment of anxiety, when you look yourself in the mirror and have to shock yourself into a different frame of mind with the cold dash. This is that, just the nth degree.

Anyhoo, this is kind of the dregs of what has been coming out of the pencil and pen lately (not that there is a lot more), but there is something coming. Don’t get you hopes up, but it’ll be a little different.

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