McKinney Drawing Stages

The WIP photos from the project…finally in an animated GIF.

While in progress, McKinney’s eye, head and body all changd shape. His eye started out more vertical and less shaded than it really is. When drawing dogs or cats, completing the eye settles the image.

His head and body shape were too short in my initial drawing. This gave him a pointy head and a strangely foreshortened body. Keep an eye on the left side of the animation and you’ll be able to see the moment the rest of his body shows up…ha!

McKinney is a Great Pyrennes and predominantly white, so drawing him was a study in negative space. This meant I had to really watch it and not overcook the detail.

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The Eye of a Very Brave Woman

“‘I knew how much Qaddafi armed himself, what he could do to people,’ says Asma Gargoum, who spied on government troop movements for the rebels in Misrata.” In “Women: The Libyan Rebellion’s Secret Weapon” by Joshua Hammer, April 20012 Smithsonian magazine. Photos by Michael Christopher Brown

Just one instance amongst many of brave men and women stepping forward/up/above and beyond. I’m awed by her strength.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum…went to lunch and while I was waiting for my food, I scribbled. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the hair is the window dressing…ha! Just one instance amongst many of hungry men and women sitting down to a tasty lunch. I’m feeling a little full myself.

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Charcoal Sketches on the Train

This evening I was planning on going to figure drawing, but when I got to the gallery there was a note saying it had been canceled. Luckily, I’d taken a little time on the train home to warm up a bit because those warm-ups turned out to be the sum total of all the figure drawing for the evening. Cookies crumble, you know.

The gentleman above was partially hidden from me by the railing. I was on the upper deck looking down on him. He was also very squirmy, and I’ll claim that as the reason I surrendered finishing the drawing.

I just loved her hat. I could never pull it off myself. You have to know your limits when it comes to hats. Certain hats require a certain attitude, and any attitude I might work up would undoubtedly fail me midway through the day, and the hat would sit there like a stolen object. Wouldn’t be able to take it off for the hat head, so I’d just have to wear the evidence of my once assertive, playful, dare I say “jaunty” attitude.

Ah yes, the shoe/foot drawing: Along with the hand self-portrait, it is a marvelous fall-back position when everyone around you knows you’re sketching and they are giving you the hairy eyeball in order to discourage becoming your model. You can only do so many partially obstructed portraits of squirmy people before you must settle on a subject that you can cast your eye upon without accusation. Unfortunately, a fellow passenger needed to get off the train, and he needed to get past me in order to do so. As a result, the pant leg was all ahoo, and nothing I could do would make it drape the same as it had been. Perhaps along with no two same snowflakes, there are no two same cloth drapes, perhaps not.

This hand had one of those marvelously ropy veins running across it, but you can’t tell from the sketch can you? Of course not, and I *ahem* meant for that to be the case. Yeah, that’s it. Despite my failure to depict the vein, I was rather pleased with the sleeve. Lemons, lemonade you know.

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