EDM 26 & 162

I really wanted to draw the new rug I ordered for my dining room, so I had to scour the list of EDMs to come up with a “draw anything you want”, because you know, I need permission to draw things. Wait, that’s not right. I’ll have to think about that some more, and get back to you. It’s all the fault of the paint that the rug looks so orange. Really, it is.

The not-so-breakfast-of-champions.

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Illo Friday "Garden" & EDM 161

The quote: “I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died.” —Richard Diran

Don’t know about you, but “rock garden” screams desert to me.

Had to fire up the super duper closer upper micro examiner thingamabob to do stupidity’s portrait. It’s not easy, I’m tellin’ ya.

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This Everyday Matters assignment appealed to me.

Places evoke feelings. Sometimes those feelings are brash because huge things happened there. More often, in my own experience, the feeling is subtle. The feeling doesn’t belong to any of the five senses, but to a deeper part. My home is still new enough that I haven’t developed that feeling yet. I don’t feel uncomfortable in my home, but I don’t know it yet. I still haven’t seen it in the spring or at the height of summer.

When I reach the house at the end of a day of work or returning from running errands, I say the word “home” out loud as if I somehow need to convince myself it’s true.

The feeling will come, it always does.

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