Now I’m Just Nutty

The squirrels leave all kinds of goodies in my yard, and this walnut shell was a find from the fall.

My neighbor had planted quite a few flowers last summer—something he hadn’t done for a few years. There was a particularly lovely sunflower in a protected corner right up against his house and conveniently outside my kitchen window. I congratulated Bill on the lovely blooms, and he credited the neighborhood squirrel planting committee. They really are very talented landscape architects. Of course they’re dirty, rotten thieves as well, but I suppose it all balances out.

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He’s Grounded

Sometimes I fall into old patterns of trying to arrange my moleskine so several pages reflect a theme. As hard as I try to be more spontaneous and carefree, it falls back to organization. Since I’m sometimes a success at spontaneity and sometime a failure, my moleskine actually possesses a signature…the blend of spontaneity and structure.

This year I took to heart some feedback I received from my former college roommate that my sketches would be ever so much more pleasant if not on ruled paper. I taped plain paper into the weekends. This particular page is on the weekend before Groundhog Day (yep, I’m a bit behind).

I have the urge to watch Caddyshack…hmmmm.

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E.B. White

One of my frequent surfs in the morning is Letters of Note and yesterday there was a letter from E.B. White that was charming, well-considered and written, and full of hope…just the kind of thing worth taking a repeated peek at throughout the year. Spent a collective 15 minutes here and there during the day doing a little sketch of the photo that accompanied it.

My moleskine also serves as one of three cycling journals I keep…they all have slightly different records, and one of them is online, so it’s not as OCD as it sounds. Today I was able to log another outside ride (2nd of the year), and tomorrow I plan to do the same…unusual weather we’re having. But I’ll get up and wind the clock no matter how unusual things get.

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Injured Reserves = Time for Sketching

So after twisting my ankle last night, I all of a sudden had a lot of time and opportunity to do a little sketching. The results in order of completion:

One live and two from photo references. If I could get bugs to stand perfectly still for me, I would have preferred to work from life…oh well.

Sketch Dump

I was glued to the tube yesterday watching the inaugural events. I did this sketch from a photo of President Obama. I’m afraid I didn’t do his smile justice. It’s been great seeing so many sketches of our 44th president.

Went to church last weekend. That was the first time in a long time that I’d been to church for anything other than Christmas. I have plenty of faith, but I have not had much religion lately. However, more than religious trappings, I went to church for a feeling of community. Now that I’m working from home, I feel a bit disconnected. Still don’t miss the commute, however.

I took myself out for breakfast after church, and I drew the top of the building across the street from the restaurant while I waited for my food.

My hand just hanging out on the table in front of me. It was daring me to draw it. I mean come on, there it is…one sock-clad finger curl away from being a puppet, so you know it was daring me. I swear I didn’t imagine it.

My entry for the “draw a remote” Everyday Matters challenge. Have to go find out what number that was supposed to be. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I redesigned the remote a bit—streamlined it, and explored different button shapes and themes. Don’t know that I’d ever voluntarily press that “don’t play” button—doesn’t sound at all fun. On the other hand, there are some days when it’s difficult to get focused on work. Maybe it would come in handy on those occasions.

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