21-Day Drawing Challenge, Day 7

The challenge was an easy one—draw what you like.

I took my moleskine with me to the garage to occupy me while I was having my car’s oil changed. Drawing in public for me is a challenge because it’s a bit of a crapshoot if I’ll be able to focus my mind on what I’m seeing and drawing, or if half my attention will be on conversations taking place around me; the door opening and a new patron wandering up to the counter; the wind blowing the door open over and over again; whatever.

Not only was I not drawing what I liked, I was not liking the hash I made of what I was drawing.

So I took a mulligan.

Much better result for this page.

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21-Day Drawing Challenge, Day 5

The challenge was to draw a subject over and over throughout the day. My interpretation was a drawing of a shark, and documentation of the drawing from pencil sketch, to ink, through watercolor layers. And then to combine those photos in an animated gif.

Animated GIF of shark pencil sketch, to pen drawing, to layered watercolor.

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