Sketchbook Revival- Day 3 Session 2

This piece from yesterday’s session with Tamara LaPorte ( received a few extra touches this evening.

I’m tardy to the party because I attended a birthday celebration yesterday evening, and took a Daycation to Chicago to visit the Art Institute today.

The color palette was supposed to be limited to two colors. She had a very vibrant pink she was pairing with orange. I created an orange and thought red. The first brush stroke with red taught me my choice was bad…my girl looked like she had a head wound…adjustments were needed. Ha!

There is some very fun catch- up happening this evening. I’ll be needing the weekend to get fully back on track.

Last year, Tamara guided us through drawing owls…similar technique. Fun.


A card for a friend’s Mom (whom I’ve never met). Doesn’t matter, everyone needs love and healing vibes:

At lunchtime I was inspired by someone else’s doodles, so I did some of my own. The ribbons and the blue squiggles are inspired by her work. So are the flowers to a degree, but her piece was b/w pen with much more pattern and texture. I wanted to play with color.

A Weekend

On the brink of another weekend, I’m writing about last weekend.

It was a not-so-busy, busy weekend. I moved from one thing to the next. There was nothing truly notable.

But I did pull some packaging scraps together to make something I’m looking forward to using for the upcoming Sketchbook Revival (dates yet to be announced).

Not my cover art. Art from the top of the “Hug” box from Penzey’s spices. Thanks to their graphic designer(s) for providing some pizzazz!
Cover materials courtesy of Penzey’s packing. Red envelope courtesy of Mom’s Valentine’s Day card. Interior courtesy of Grove Collaborative’s packaging.
Packing tape used to secure craft paper along the spine.
26 sheets
Potential. Opportunity. Tabula rasa.

The Fish That Ate My Weekend

Lassitude and sloth ate my weekend. They are why we have weekends, right?

It’s a lazy sketch from this great photo by Danté Fenolio

…which appeared on my Facebook feed posted by Undersea Naturalist.

I visited and found a treasure trove of scientific research about the Gulf of Mexico after the DWH oil spill.

On that site, they provided a link to a special issue of Oceanography filled with articles examining the DWH spill, response, impact, and oh so much more. I could lose my entire day to reading the issue.

The world is a big place and it is a small place.

Leaders in environmental science and justice who happen to be black—a Green Lab post for Black History Month.

A Weekend

A friend gave me a coaster with a needlepoint cupcake in it for my birthday months ago. It has been sitting on my kitchen counter as an excellent perch for my morning coffee. I traced it several times during breakfast on Saturday.

I used some pans for color and those ended up very streaky. I’ve been seeing many neurotrophic pieces of art lately and the joints were fun to do. Still something was missing. Which end was up? What was I going to do about that little flip where the ends of my line didn’t meet up but ended in a swoop?

The little figures cheer me up when I look at this mess. If no end is up, then there is an error with one of my stick figures. The little climber would just be crawling with a levitating rope. Well, it’s my universe so I can say that he’s climbing…so there!

Later in the day I found a few Halloween chocolate coins in a net bag. Seems to belong here.

Even if it doesn’t belong here, it won’t be in a landfill…yet.

Sunday I awoke to 4 inches of unexpected snow. With temperatures in the teens it was fluffy and light enough to shovel.