Daily Doodle – grapefruit

My uncle used to own a house with a small orchard of citrus trees in the back yard. My Mom and I went to visit him for a week and the grapefruit tree was full of ripe fruit. I walked out to the tree every morning and picked my breakfast.

For a northern girl this was a luxury beyond compare. I can still taste the sweetness of that freshest of fruit…still a little cool from the overnight temperature, so juicy, and surprisingly sweet.

A simple and treasured experience I’ll remember for a very long time.

Art Supply Test – Blick Illustrator Markers

On the trip to Chicago last week to sketch with the Urban Sketchers, I made a side trip to Blick and got a great deal on a set of illustrator markers.

Did a few tests in various notebooks and these babies bleed…even on 98 lb Canson mixed media paper.

The do put down a satisfying amount of color per stroke, and each pen has two nibs…brush and chisel.

The test: A ModriNan (ha!) on a false-start page.

And the flip side.

Special thanks to Smithers the cat for lending her behind as a specialty easel for photography. Smithers is currently putting in community service in an effort to make Santa’s “nice” list.

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