4 Ways

I know…

…the direction…

…I drew…

…this. The other ways look odd.

You get to see all 4 at once.

Will you try to determine which one was the original?

Will you try to determine which you prefer?

Will you read this far?

Will you look at objects in your environment and turn them in your mind?

Will you swipe without opening?

Will you pick a favorite part?

Will you name the tools?

Will you?

Have a great day!

Last Days of 2020

The 2020 Moleskine diary is going to be shelved at the end of the coming week. Trying to help it go out with a bang.

My Christmas cards were written and mailed the day after Christmas. I’d like to blame the year for this, but in reality it is a usual practice. I like to think a late arriving Christmas card extends the holiday for my loved ones.

Please Pardon the Dust

Doodle under development.

I have a couple of portrait commissions underway at the moment. Every now and then I need to cleanse or shake loose the drawing hand, and shift the drawing mind and eye.

I’ve returned to this page in my Moleskine a few times this week looking for that relaxation.

Circles are my jam. It doesn’t bother me when lines go wonky in circles. That oval was intentional! Ha, so there.

Stippling…now there is a practice to calm and slow the mind. Stippling is a study in patience. If you get too carried away, you drag the pen causing directionality and heavy coverage. If you get too anxious to move to another section you get a line of dots.

What will happen to this page next?!? It’s anyone’s guess.