July Week 1

The month started out unremarkably with a little doodling to fill a blank page.

I needed to shake off the meh and get on with things. My poor car had been neglected for a while, so I got the little green machine off the shelf and removed a LOT of crap from the interior. The windows are clearer, and the mats rinsed off. A trip to the car wash for a super duper suds your guts out wash, and it feels like it even drives better.

Then there was the 4th of July. I had a call from my Mom mid-morning telling me she was fine. Ok, that’s good, what did I miss? Her plans for the holiday were cancelled because of the shooting in the next town over, Highland Park. So many feelings and thoughts. Another event to process and mourn. So much loss.

The 5th was a day of work. I immersed myself in projects, and had a Zoom meeting to attend. I ground through the day, cranking the handle and keeping my focus small.

Wednesday was a day of anticipation, and after a solid morning of work I had a solid afternoon of reading the end of the book for club. I’d chosen this book, so it was important I finished it—I’m not always good at finishing the books.

There was a huge feeling of overwhelm. I so badly wanted to put down a responsibility or two. The most likely candidate to let go was the book club, but that was the one thing I was most looking forward to during the week. Ultimately, it was a great evening with good friends—restored me.

Which was a good thing because the garden club met at my house on Thursday for a meeting before the preview tour.

And the week ain’t over yet. Fingers crossed things go smoothly over the weekend.