Sitting on the a front Porch

There’s a new theme developing as a result of my sloth…sitting. I need to get up and move around more and more often. Hard to sketch while strolling. I might fall into a hole or walk into a tree. Just because these things happen predominantly in cartoons and sitcoms doesn’t mean they can’t and don’t happen in real life. They are just less likely to be filmed in real life.

I think we’ve gotten a little off topic.

I was sitting on the front porch sketching a banana plant I’d separated and repotted earlier in the day.

I centered the pot incorrectly which means the top of the plant was popped off. My grandmother specialized in taking photos of people without the tops of their heads. The tops were out if the frame, they weren’t actually chopped off…oh dear, no. So lopping off tops must be genetic in some way. I’ll have to see if there is a study out there to support my assumption.

While I was sketching I was also listening to Mark Maron’s “Thinky Pain” show. Funny show, and now I have a thinky pain.

WWM – New Bins

Kenosha is switching to bins from current “freestyle” approach…lolol. Got off to a rocky start in my neighborhood. The new bins were delivered the day before trash day. Instructions were delivered as well, however, there were a variety of instructions. This resulted in two trash days in a row so all the people who had used their new bins could get rid of the trash in a second round of pick-ups.

The bins are huge! The instructions say we shouldn’t feel obligated to put a semi-full bin out for collection. I can’t imagine the unholy smell that will eminate from a bin holding 3 or 4 week old garbage. No, I’ll be putting it out weekly, thanks.