E.B. White

One of my frequent surfs in the morning is Letters of Note and yesterday there was a letter from E.B. White that was charming, well-considered and written, and full of hope…just the kind of thing worth taking a repeated peek at throughout the year. Spent a collective 15 minutes here and there during the day doing a little sketch of the photo that accompanied it.

My moleskine also serves as one of three cycling journals I keep…they all have slightly different records, and one of them is online, so it’s not as OCD as it sounds. Today I was able to log another outside ride (2nd of the year), and tomorrow I plan to do the same…unusual weather we’re having. But I’ll get up and wind the clock no matter how unusual things get.

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A Brief Interlude

Last Friday Kenosha hosted a criterium very close to home sweet home. It was wonderful to beat feet out of work and come home to professional cycling!

My camera really isn’t up to the task, but here are a few snaps anyway.

Above: Early into the race there were a few attempts off the front, but nothing really materialized until….

The group right up ^ got off the front and eventually lapped the peloton. That was a first for me.

Saturday night I went to Ravinia to hear the CSO play Mahler’s “Symphony of a Thousand”. It was wonderful! And just to prove that I don’t prey on strangers alone for my sketching fodder, the sleeping man is a close friend. He was a good sport about it when he woke up and caught me staring at his ear. But then the magic was gone, and the light was going, so he remains unfinished.

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