I Love My Animals

But I think about them very differently.

Clover’s quiet and pensive nature makes her very dear to me, and I take more notice of her relaxed moments of repose…times when she feels at peace in the world.

Smithers, on the other hand, is a firebrand of a girl. She has all the playful zoomies of a kitten even in her middle age. She is dear to me also, but in a different way.

So when she was having a grooming moment behind the sheer this morning, I had a Hitchcock moment pop into my brain. You know the one…

Beautiful Friday

The last honeysuckle, with the help of the early morning sun, was casting some lovely shadows. So bright against the drab concrete.
Clover framed herself very well in the curve of the hose.
Smithers in the garden (a.k.a her salad bowl).
Hanging out at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The tent in the distance was being set up for a wedding. Service along the promenade, cocktails in the English Walled Garden, and dinner overlooking the lake and Carillon. I don’t know who is getting married, but they will have an idyllic start.