Tulips Everywhere

In Wisconsin it has been a good year for tulips. We must’ve had a mild enough winter, just the right amount of moisture in the early spring, and a couple days of warmth at just the right time to unlock their full potential.

Their leaves and stems are strong and upright. The blossoms are particularly well shaped and seem to have longevity.

Sketchbook Revival Day 5

Day 6 arrived in my email just a short time ago, but I was playing catch-up on day 5 after breakfast this morning.

Robyn McClendon’s program “Altered Book as a Sketchbook” was a welcome exercise in being not so precious about objects while also creating something fun and beautiful.

My victim with a stack of pages ripped out.

This is not my first foray into altering a book. I last did this as a calendar for the year. Some of those pages were very satisfying, but only after I spent a LOT of time collaging on them or painting them. Not great to be driven by the demands of a calendar.

The second session was Jessica Swift’s “Using Your Inner Voice to Create a Powerful Visual Message to Yourself”

I used Graphix sketch markers with a blending tool on sketch paper in my book, and I anticipated bleed through. By happy coincidence I had torn pages to back my work…kismet.

I’m going to keep those torn pages for collaging. I can see how a person can become a pack rat. However, I sometimes get the urge to purge, so I should be ok.
My little mantra is a perennial favorite. It has seen me through many uncertain times when I didn’t know which way to go, so I just moved forward.

I hope your day is more than ok.


The quotes on the small pages are from an edition of “Life’s Little Instruction Book” from a father to a son. This one, “Find some other way of proving your manhood than by shooting harmless animals and birds.”
As my Dad would say, “Of course, if they are NOT harmless, aim for the vital organs.”
About $0.05 worth.
“Probably a smidgen of authenticity can still be provocative and elegant.”
“Smidgen”…great word….
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