Zine Art

Friday night I spent a little time, craft paper that had been packaging and old folders in a small zine. I mixed in a little acrylic, ballpoint and marker.

Today I added a little text to the last spread. The tree says, “I’ve known 39 generations of your family.”

I think the neighbors’ tree is still on my mind.

Did you know it’s International Zine Month?


Amidst Some Painful Endings

When I was younger, endings used to sneak up on me and smack me in the head.

Having lived a little more life, I can see them coming. “See” might be the wrong word—I can feel the impending sense of several endings starting to coalesce.

Even though I am aware that things will soon change, no amount of forethought or planning will really prepare me. Plus, the time I spend preparing would be time lost enjoying the remaining time.

The impending doom I feel made this quote resonate with me as a nugget of hope to cling to moving forward.

Sketchbook Revival: Day 5 Session 2

Yesterday was a day full of making art, and I’m still behind. That is wonderful!

The marvelous fact about registering for Sketchbook Revival is the flexibility of the program. Karen Abend puts together an intense schedule of workshops with two a day. However, she gives registrants access to the videos for a week or two beyond the event so everyone can work at their own pace.

The Day 5 Session 2 workshop was “Watercolor Collage Fodder” presented by Tiffany Sharpe (tiffanysimplysharpe.com).

I’ve heard fodder referred to as ephemera as well.

Tiffany breaks her collage work into two parts. The first part is the creation of fodder of all types. When she has a pile of materials (not necessarily related) she proceeds to the second part—composition.

For the purposes of this workshop she combined the two.

There is a lot going on here, and from your perspective quite a bit of it will make no sense at all because there was fodder that briefly appeared on the page and then was removed.

This was another collage I did not like as a whole.

The bits I did like:

The mushrooms were fun.

I am a collector of ephemera.

Last night I went to dinner at my friends’ house. While we were snacking and hanging out, I pulled out my pen and pocket notebook and drew the flower arrangement on the table.

This morning I added watercolor, a bit of cloth from the dog groomer, some scrap construction paper, and an idea, and made a different collage in my altered book.

All the tones are earth tones.

I think the large format of my sketchbook has been working against me where these collages are concerned.

Both of the instructors for the sessions have used smaller format pages for their collages, and in the hour or less timeframe, a few key elements can combine to fill the page.

What I have not liked about mine is they feel incomplete, and the compositions haven’t been coming together overall.

Solution: If there is another collage session, I’m still going to work in the big sketchbook, but I’m going to frame the piece from the very start. Probably a horizontal frame placed on the page in an asymmetrical manner. Hmmm, maybe I won’t wait.

But I have more sessions to do! This is a nice problem to have.

In the Nan-o-verse

There’s been quite a lot goin on in the Nan-o-verse, and you may hear about it someday or you may not. Who knows?

While things have been happening, I’ve still been playing in my altered book.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day. I’m surrounded by loving and caring people, and am infinitely appreciative of that fact.

Neurographic drawing…cuz everybody’s doing it.