Sunday’s Ride ‘N’ Sketch

Every now and then I enjoy exchanging my cycling jersey for a t-shirt and bag with my Moleskine, a snack, a camera, whatever. I head out on the road with no solid plan as to where I’m going. There is no pressure to get in X number of miles, or ride for X amount of time. There is no pre-planning of anything.

Sunday I set out on one of those trips, and found myself sitting at a sunny picnic table in front of the Southport Beach House. Not the best sketch, and not the worst. But the sun was beating down on my back taking the chill out of the 60-something degree day, and I was happy.

My ride continued, and there were no more sketches, but several photos. Fall is falling, and my phone took at least one fairly decent photo. Should have had my regular camera along for the ride.

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The Martian Calla

NASA’s projects never fail to fascinate me. I’d hazard a guess I’m not the only one who was sad to see the era of the Shuttle come to a close. But now we have the Curiosity! Sweet! The pictures sent back by Curiosity are wonderful, and for some reason I keep going back to take another peek and the panoramic shot of Mount Sharp.

I was in the garden (again) taking a close up look at some of the blooms around the yard, and the seed pods from the fading bloom of the calla plant looked like they would be right at home in the foreground of that picture.

It wouldn’t do too bad in the possible 70 degrees (F) at noon in summer, but the -225 degrees (F) might be a small issue. Pesky reality…keeps getting in the way.

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Semi-Finished Ink Lizard

My work day is split up into short bits of intense concentration when we are at the height of production. It is simply the nature of the beast…not a good thing and not a bad thing…just the way it is. There is a bleed-over into my off hours that I find a little exasperating—particularly because of all the resulting semi-finished drawings, projects and chores.

This guy is one kinda cute example. I didn’t even take the time to find a pencil (my preferred drawing tool) and went with the pen in hand. I could already feel my attention wandering…sneaky little thoughts of the mail box that hadn’t been checked yet, the load of laundry that needed shifting to the drier…the list is endless and ever-morphing.

Can’t tell from this, but his tongue is blue…really.

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Music From Nan’s Porch

In 2009 I had a summer concert series on my front porch. Heather Broadbent organized the music, and Andrea Knott joined her on the cello.

This particular piece is a favorite of my father’s. He first discovered it featured in the Aubrey/Maturin novel series by Patrick O’Brian. In the movie “Master and Commander,” inspired by the O’Brian series, there is a lovely scene of the Surprise sailing away, and I’m sure this is the image evoked every time Dad hears it. I know it springs instantly to mind for me, but now it’s become hopelessly muddled with a lovely evening on my front porch spent with family and friends listening to wonderfully talented musicians. Trust me, I’m not complaining.

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