My aunt, in the form of DCPeg paid me a marvelous compliment today. She called me an inspiration. I guess we’re caught in a little love loop, then, because she’s an inspiration to me too. Give her blog a read, and you’ll see the reasons why.

Today, she mentioned that she defaults into a comfort zone of drawing. It’s the mindless drawing that we do—no over planning goes into it, and there aren’t any first sketches that get refined and then penned. It’s the stuff that comes out whenever we mindlessly put pen or pencil to paper. This is stippling for me. I could stipple for hours, which is a good thing since it takes hours to create something recognizable using the method.

A pencil sketch is a good place to return to if you want something after the first step, stippling is a good place to return if you want to leave your brain in neutral.

EDM 26 & 162

I really wanted to draw the new rug I ordered for my dining room, so I had to scour the list of EDMs to come up with a “draw anything you want”, because you know, I need permission to draw things. Wait, that’s not right. I’ll have to think about that some more, and get back to you. It’s all the fault of the paint that the rug looks so orange. Really, it is.

The not-so-breakfast-of-champions.

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Illo Friday "Garden" & EDM 161

The quote: “I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died.” —Richard Diran

Don’t know about you, but “rock garden” screams desert to me.

Had to fire up the super duper closer upper micro examiner thingamabob to do stupidity’s portrait. It’s not easy, I’m tellin’ ya.

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Fellow Victim of a Delayed Train

While journaling this morning on the train, I looked up to see this man reading his paper. Little did he know he was to be victimized twice in a mere matter of moments: once, by me sketching him, and again, by a malfunctioning signal that delayed the train by 6 WHOLE MINUTES!!!! Is such an injustice to be born?!? I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to pity him, but to always remember.

This concludes our moment of melodrama for the day.

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