For a period of time around the turn of the millennium, CRM produced several magazines in addition to the Career Guide line of publications. One of those was Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers magazine, and it was my baby.

The contents spread from the October 2000 issue.
The graphics for the columns were designed by Alton Gilliam. Cover design by yours truly.
Apologies for the photos—I no longer have the files for these publications, just a few of the magazines.
Contents spread from 2003. This was my “boxy” phase.
2008 redesign. I played with typography in Illustrator to create the section graphics.
The CRM logo underwent redesign in the Alloy art department, ditto the Graduating Engineer title art.

Author, Author!

In addition to the design and production, I sometimes wrote for GECC. Link to a blog post with my article links: