Article Layouts

These articles were standard selections in CRM’s Article Library. Until they were designed, all of our articles were simple text on a page utilizing page title, subhead, sub-subhead, body text, and other style sheets applied on a per-project basis. All of the articles were inserted in the guides with “Default” styles, and substitutions were made to expediently apply a school’s style to the text.

Some of CRM’s clients expressed an interest in a “magazine” look, so these articles were designed in the off-season and some modifications were allowed to blend into the school’s style (without too much reflow), or they were used as-is. The library contained 4-color and grayscale versions.

Making Your Career Center Work – 3-page article combined two full-page articles.

Networking Your Way to a Job – 4-page article combined two articles.

Selling Brand You – 4-page article combined three articles; a full-page article and two half-page articles.