Secret Notes

Yesterday, the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce had a hybrid meeting, and I zoomed in to find out how to maximize my KCC membership (the topic of the meeting). I filled two sides of a composition page with notes. How to fit it into my Moleskine notebook? Hmmmm…

I think this solution was a bit more fun than just putting the notes in the book. Order out of chaos and mystery to boot. I added “of the KCC” when I thought of my enfeebled brain looking through the book for the notes I took, “where did they goooo????”

Planning my own UX.

Happy New Year!

The absolute last day of 2021. There are a lot of posts saying goodbye to one year and hello to a fresh start. Thinking in those terms can be helpful for drawing a line between the mistakes and troubles of the last year and the possibilities of the new year. There is nothing inherently wrong with that type of thinking. It is just a mistaken construct (the end of a calendar year) applied to another construct (the linear passage of time). 

We will have all the same troubles in 2022 that have been unresolved for the last year, five years, 10 years, 20 years, and on back. Everyone knows this.

When we draw that imaginary line, maybe we are trying to take a break from the angst associated with all those difficulties that chase us through life. For at least two days we want a salve for our troubled minds and hearts. We want to carve out a couple of days where we can be at peace and hopeful. Instead of being hopeful on our own, we would like the rest of the world to occupy this space with us.

We’ve collectively agreed to recognize the calendar and time zones, so in a rolling volley across the world we celebrate the turning of an arbitrary page…a calendar page. It is really a magnificent collective effort by a majority of humanity. There’s hope in that, and reason to celebrate another Happy New Year!

A Notable First

There was a notable first in my house on Christmas morning. I unknowingly rekindled the fireplace from the ashes of the Christmas Eve fire.

I’d placed a few newspaper pages in the grate for a new fire and one began a slow smoulder–just a whisp of smoke curling up and out the chimney indicated there was still heat there.

The wisp

The chimney blocks and bricks were, of course, warm from the previous evening but that was not unusual. The ashes were completely gray.

Having seen the wisp of smoke, I laid out a few sticks and logs and pulled out my bellows.

The first pump on the bellows needed to be slow and drawn out to prevent ash from flying every which way. The slow stream of air from the bellows blew away the gray ash and just under the surface there was an orange glow.

A few more slow pumps on the bellows and the orange glow flamed toward a nearby corner of newspaper and spread rapidly. The fire was warming the room in minutes.

It was a first for me. It filled me with peace. There is peace in thinking just under the surface there is warmth that just needs to be slowly nurtured.

Treasures All Around

My mind needed a good airing out this afternoon, so Clover and I joined up with the WHDWC for a stroll through the woods.

Some creative and festive litter (a.k.a. Ornaments) were found dangling from various trees along the trail. I love the cheeriness of this kind of thing, but the cynic in me wonders if the creative individual will return to take down the dangling joy after the holiday. They really should. My faith in humanity will be lifted (not restored because humanity has a lot of work to do before my faith in them is restored) if they do.

The ultimate decoration arrived at the end of the walk with the sunset. Purdy.


Don’t know what to call it, but I saw this delightful treasure on the lawn in front of the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha. Just hanging out, smiling into the heavens.

Then I came across a second blessing…a dog poop bag tied to a garbage can. Clover and I flew out the door to enjoy the warmth after I got off a conference call. I switched coats, but did I move the poop bags from one coat to the other?? Of course not. Some good soul had my back…bless you whoever you are. I shall repay your kindness by tying two to the handle the next time I pass that way.