Not My Newsletter…

…but the one newsletter I look forward to reading every week. The Marginalian by Maria Popova is thoughtfully written and extremely well referenced.

Today’s edition focuses on happiness and pain, and it spoke to my current angst. When Maria’s plea to share the newsletter with just one person came to my inbox my answer was yes.

I have shared this newsletter with friends and family alike, and now with my broader network of artists, thinkers, and observers. I hope you enjoy it.

Herbert Goes Touring

Adobe Express has unleashed new monsters on the world.

At least, it has unleashed me as I play with this new tool. The promise is one easy design tool to effortlessly create and schedule social media content across many platforms. It has a great interface (a calendar) to schedule your releases.

It’s wonderful, but there is still a lot of front end work to do before I hit my groove. The content still has to be created you see…there are no magic wands in place to help with that part of the workflow.


This was a quiet weekend because I have been unwell. The temperatures were warm and the sunshine bright, though, so a bit of lounging in the back yard was on the list of Nan prescribed self-medications.

The sun took a brief slice of the day to play hide-and-seek behind the trunk of the birch. The effect was a heavenly golden glow.

Nothing gold can stay for long, but the fall makes a pretty good effort of stretching the gold for all it’s worth. My Mom likes to say the fall colors are thanks to the trees giving back all the sunshine they enjoyed over the summer. She’s a glass half full lady, so that happy thought is right on the mark for her. The fact is, the trees need a little rain to give us those colors…I’m such a killjoy.

I can still stand breathless in the beauty and say thanks.

Chainsaw Roar

This morning my neighbors in the next two houses removed a tree that was between their homes. They were in agreement and went in on the removal together.

It was removed because both neighbors were of the opinion the tree was messy.

It was healthy. It was a home to birds, squirrels, and bugs. It was a part of the community. It had stood for years. It provided a winter wind break from northeast winds to one house. I provided summer shade to the other.

It took decades (at least) to grow. It took a few hours (with a rain delay) to cut down.

It was messy.

I’m messy.

I guess the neighbors will let me know when I’m too messy. I hope they just write a letter or make a phone call. I’d really hate to have to run from a chainsaw. On the up side, I could run from the chainsaw.

Sewing Day

It was a I-really-need-to-do-that project day.

After giving the car a good cleaning, I sat down to alter a pair of linen pants I bought, maybe two years ago. They’ve been pinned and waiting for altering.

The size of the strip I cut off each leg.

My stitching is a bit wabi-sabi. My thread doesn’t match and my stitches are not neat. Makes no difference to me. As one of my bosses would say, “You’d never notice from a trotting horse.” Thanks Sheldon.