Urban Sketching With Mom

Mom and I enjoyed a low key Mother’s Day meet up at Starbucks in Lake Forest. There was a table available in the courtyard, and we sipped and sketched.

Mom wielding her Micron with a fierce flare and intense concentration.
Lake Forest has done some wonderful things with their alley ways. I would love to see Kenosha do the same. The trash will not be seen.

Happy Mother’s Day

First things first, I hope you all have a very happy Mother’s Day.

This was done on a Canson postcard and it has since been mailed. I made three to send to my Mom, Stepmom, and Godmother.

When I was thinking about the concept of Mother’s Day, brought to us by the greetings card industry, I realized I should probably make 1,576 of these postcards (give or take 57). There are so many women who’ve passed through my life and shared their caring nature, advice, comfort, meal in a nurturing way.

There have been mentors and anti-mentors whose example I’ve drawn from or avoided in order to shape the woman I am today. This is an ongoing, unending project. I could make a career out of thanking all of them.

I hope I have nurtured others in return.

The way people care for each other is the foundation for civilization. Enjoy a happy Nurturing Day everyone. Give your Mom an extra hug if you are fortunate enough to be with her today.

Got My Ears Lowered Yesterday

That title phrase brought to you from the early- to mid-20th Century from my grandmothers.

“Hey! You got your ears lowered!” The most oft used version.

“I have to go get my ears lowered.” An alternate version.

I left quite a pile of hair under Elsa’s chair. Here’s a quick 2 minute sketch so you can appreciate just what a pile it was. A squiggle for every lock…not so much.

My head feels better and lighter in one aspect at least. Now we just have to fix the environment, stopped armed conflict throughout the world, end discrimination, and get a grip on a few other small issues and we’ll be hunky dory (another fine phrase relic).

Happy hump day!