Day 27 of 30×30 Watercolor Challenge

I can definitively declare I will not end the month with 30 watercolor paintings. Despite this, the challenge has stretched me and taught me more about working in watercolor.

Most importantly it has helped me overcome a hesitation to start something with watercolor. In the past I may have done so but I would have painted a simple wash for a background.

Today I returned to my theme for the year…tree on a hill. It is September and I’m not tired of this theme yet. The tree time might extend beyond the calendar barrier.

Day 15 and 18 of 30×30 Watercolor

This one started out looking like a loaf of bread overlooking the ocean.

I walked away from it after sharing it with my Aunt with my “meh” analysis.

She suggested I deepen the shadows as a starting point to make it into something else. And she thought it had a Daliesque feeling in need of an idiosyncratic foreground object or character. Her suggestion was a snowman.

Deepening the color of the ocean and the shadow on the “loaf” made the page more substantial, but I’ve never had great lucky painting something white over color. Nothing quite like a hooded figure to keep a person wondering.

I think I might be the hooded figure…waiting and watching for something.

Day 18 of 30×30 Watercolors

This morning I ate and painted the rainbow for breakfast. This was watercolor, pen, and watercolor touch-up.

I took a reference photo because I wanted to eat my sandwich before it got cold.

That’s a spinach and cheese egg sandwich…a bit bland this morning because I forgot the salt and pepper. I didn’t suffer much.