Personal Project—2022 Planners

Inktober and other fun projects took a back seat this week because a personal project arrived!

Opening this box was like Christmas morning in October. I was so excited for these to arrive!

2022 calendars have been on my mind recently because I receive several wall calendars in the fall, and they are usually accompanied by donation requests.

Still, It occurred to me that a calendar would be a great piece of swag to send my clients as an end-of-the-year thanks. Instead of another wall calendar, though, I thought a planner might be more fun. My business is publishing, after all, and 2020-2021 have been far more digital than print. I’ve been itching for a box of fresh printing to arrive on my doorstep.

I wanted the planner to showcase my design tastes, and the artwork needed to be mine too. I crawled through datebooks and sketchbooks going back to 2006, and pulled some of my favorite pieces. There are a few below. Every month has one or two pieces of art, and there is room for making notes/doodles/to-do lists.

The planner contains my personal and professional brands because it is where my art and my design world meet. Twenty have already shipped with hand-written notes and, yes, a couple of business cards, to my clients from 2021. And some of these will be thank-you gifts to the people who have been so supportive to me as I’ve built Nan Mellem Publishing.

Inktober 2021: 3 Vessel

Jeannie’s bottle.

I watched the show as a girl. Barbara Eden was the luckiest woman on the planet in my youthful ignorance. Pretty clothes and a neat place to live…cushioned and pink.

I’m sure the show was pitched to a studio as “a modern day Alladin’s lamp, with a girl as the genie.”

Not mentioned was the stripping away of the context of the original myth (which was a bit screwed up on its own but intended to exist as a short-lived parable teaching the listener to be careful what they asked for.

Also without mention was the misogyny of having a scantily clad woman pleasing her master, and imprisoning said woman in a bottle when he didn’t want or need her for something.

I hope Barbara Eden at least cleaned up financially.

Full disclosure, I watched the documentary “This Changes Everything” yesterday. Now I’m reflecting on my youth and shaking my head over the time I wasted glued to the tube.