Solomon’s Seal

This is Solomon’s Seal and it is a shade lover. Polygonatum Variegatum

If you’ve reached this page via a QR code from the FSGC plant sale, welcome! You would like to learn more about this plant.

It spreads via tuber (actually rhizome) and mature plants can grow around 10 inches tall for every inch of rhizome that supports them. Many new plants can be propagated by digging up a mature plant in the early spring and cutting off one inch sections of the rhizome. The rhizomes without mature plants can take two years to grow, so patience is required.

They look great in mass plantings. Mass planting can also help support their upright form. On their own, a stiff wind can bow them. At the height of their bloom they form white berries.

Read more about Solomon’s Seal and see photos of the plant.

After doing a little reading at the link above, I must correct my notes. It spreads via rhizome (not tuber). Please excuse me…lifelong learner.

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