Sketchbook Revival: Day 7 Session 2 (after)

There were a couple of sessions that I just could not bring myself to do on the day. This was one of them because it meant working with acrylics (not too bad). As I started to watch the video, however, I discovered I would be attempting to use new tools and I would be mixing a lot of colors.

This was a workshop that needed more than a bit of time in the midst of a busy day. I wanted quiet time, and I found a while early this morning.

I’m going to grade myself gently at a C+ or maybe a B-.

Then I remembered this is my sketchbook, so it is meant for experimentation and learning.

There were some supplies that I just didn’t have, and I didn’t have the experience to compensate. There was a point at which I had a fist full of palette knife and two paintbrushes while I was grabbing a tube of paint to squeeze another blob. It was chaotic, and there was no resurrecting the painting.

If it had been painted on a canvas, I would have painted over it already. Instead I set it aside to dry and wrote notes about the lessons I’d learned.

After you critique the work you do, step away for a while and then take another look.

In this case I was able to find three happy notes for myself. It assuages the frustration, and reminds me that nothing that happens in a sketchbook is all bad.

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