Sketchbook Revival: Day 11 Both Sessions

The first session of day 11 was “From Blobs to Birds” with Terry Runyan (

It occurred to me after I’d started making animals from the blobs that I should have a blob only picture.

Critters Complete

I have some favorites.

This was another great warm-up exercise to break those moments when you have so many ideas that you are paralyzed into inaction. Maybe that’s just me.

I found this a little easier than Esté MacLeod’s 123…Cats method. Saying that means I should use Esté’s method more often, so I’ll probably do Terry’s. Ha!

The second session was “Matisse on My Mind” with Mou Saha (

When you are cutting organic shapes it is helpful to use small scissors and move the paper instead of your cutting hand.

The words: tied, gathered, with, entwined, bound, enmeshed, interconnected, joined, encircled. We really do have a lot of descriptive words to define how we are together.

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