April Fools Day

No pranks here just Sketchbook Revival Day 10 Session 2 results.

“Mindful Practice: Mixed Media Art Journaling” with Tania Ahmed was some fun with acrylics and a palette knife again…woohoo.

The effect of the palette knife when there is barely any paint on it any more is wonderful!

After the paint smears however, I diverged from her methods only because I didn’t have any materials with which to make stamps.

As a substitute, I tried applying some paint to the bottom of a pencil sharpener I have in a triangular case. That resulted in some white blobs on the page. MEH.

Before the blobs, the page had been a little dear to me. My smears created a person taking their pet seal for a walk in the park! Go ahead, take another look. I’ll wait.

Right? Yeah, fun. So anyway, the piece was no longer as dear after the white blobs. Now I could just play.

I used my favorite paintbrush…

…with stiff bristles and a thin profile to create some angled movement through the blobs. In some cases it just improved my blobs, in other cases some of the blue and green under the white was lifted and blended.

After stamping, Tania moved on to other embellishments for pattern. I always revert to circles…little bunches of them.

I made the bunches of circles with two brush pens and one fineliner. And the Chinese character for person was added to the page to populate the park.

Tania moved on to placing a photograph of a woman (cut form a catalog) in her piece. I have a preponderance of garden catalogs at this time of year. Thumbing through one of those, I passed over quite a few lovely blooms, and found this hellebore bloom in cream and green—suitable for the color scheme.

Once on the page, it looked as stuck to the page as it was. An extra layer, yes, but and awkward and out of sync layer. I put a dollop of green on my palette and blended the flower into the background around the edges. That was worse…like Watergate coverup worse. Fine, maybe not that bad, but not good.

For the briefest of moments I eyeballed the pencil sharpener case and though about adding blobs. Nooooooooo!

Dollop of white on the palette, and more brush work. Yeeeesssss!

A few of the people characters were obliterated in the cover up—isn’t that usually the case?

Overall the piece still felt like a hot mess, and it needed something done to it with intention and not by accident. I fell back to my favorite lettering of the moment. First “motion” in the center, then “forward” to the left. The text was a little too on the nose, and the playfulness needed acknowledgement so “smear” and “streak” were added for balance.

I put on my jammies and went to bed. Got up in the morning, fed the pets and myself, and sat down to photograph this and write about it.

Looking at the page this morning I discovered something I hadn’t seen the night before. One of my bundles of circles in the lower left blob—placed with intention so the fineliner circles would be in high contrast against the white blob—actually echoes the flower above it.

Who knew a blob, several brush strokes, and a bundle of doodle circles could become so dear in a fraction of a second.

Life is weird.

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