Sketchbook Revival: Day 4 Session 2

This session with Suhita Shirodkar ( was an exercise in looking that ended up with a drawing.

If you’ve ever picked up a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edward’s, you will appreciate the similarity with Suhita’s method of drawing.

You have to stop naming things so your brain doesn’t get in the way of looking at your line.

Suhita pointed out that this is something our brain has to do to help us interface with the world…to read, understand common symbols, and communicate.

When drawing, however, this natural function of the brain can override what we are looking at and superimpose our conception of a thing over our perception of that thing.

The reference photo Suhita selected was very complex with odd angles and an intermingling of the two subjects. She focused us on just one line at a time, and the relationship of the next line to the line we’d just drawn. Perfect way to work through the “problem” of a complex subject.

Perfect way to work through a lot of life’s complex problems…start with a part and keep moving forward.

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