Sketchbook Revival – Day 1 Session 1

The 1st session was with Courtney Cerruti. The title—Sketchbook Play: Exercises to Ignite your Creative Practice. We started with watercolor blending fun. I had some fun colors to start with in my palette, and with a little tweaking they filled the page nicely.
The second part of the process was working with a dip pen to doodle and draw in the shapes. I found myself outlining quite a bit. I used two different inks—the blue acrylic ink and a walnut ink.
I don’t work with a round brush very often. In my hand and on the page it feels very out of my control—perfect for this exercise though.
I really like the feeling of the dip pen scraping spikes of motion out of the blobs of ink on the page. To make these thick drops, I flipped the pen nib over and wiped the pen on the page.

The photo above showed me something I’d never seen before—the acrylic ink shows the scrapes in white from the drop area, not so with the walnut ink. That nugget of information is filed away in the gray matter.
The hat was intentional. When I pulled back from the page, I discovered the “woman” on the left. Looks like they were having an intimate conversation.
NAN. That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

I got all caught up in creating these little drawings and didn’t do the two other exercises Courtney walked through in the video—making a color wheel to continue playing with color, and blind contour drawing an object from different angles.

Color wheels and blind contour drawing are not new, but there’s something freeing about creating them in a group as part of a tutorial—we’re being given permission to be frivolous with our materials and creativity. That’s kind of the point of having a sketchbook…playing with everything, and making mistakes because mistakes aren’t really mistakes.

I might have to go back to do those, but I have another session to do. There are so many great nuggets of info in these Sketchbook Revival programs!

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