Playing Hooky at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Yesterday I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum with my friend L. It was a lovely day.

Initially, L had asked me if I wanted to make a day out of going to the Art Institute in Chicago. We’d take the train down, go to the AI, have some lunch, maybe go to the Cristkindlmarket. We’d made our plans in late November for before Christmas. Of course, life happens and plans change.

After rescheduling twice we determined a trip by car to Milwaukee might be a bit safer with Omicron wandering the world.

It was a cold day, but we had a great time!

We wandered the MAM for two and a half hours, and I saw more than I had during any of my previous visits. L had been visiting the MAM since she was a girl with her parents leading the way. She knew the MAM from the pre-Calatrava days.

The famous wings of the museum stayed down yesterday, due to the weather and probably also because it was just another working Thursday for the world.

The Museum is currently doing timed entrances to keep the crowds low, but it would have been a quiet day anyway, I suspect. That suited us just fine.

L is an interior designer, so she had special parts of the museum to see and show me…great collections of modern furniture, but also turn of the previous Century furniture as well.

If you get the chance….

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