New Year’s Eve of 2021 was spent celebrating with friends. The first celebration was with the loosely assembled membership and ancillary joiners-on of the WHDWC (Winthrop Harbor Dog Walking Club). Clover and I arrived early. While hanging out in the fading warmth of the car, I took out my new Moleskine and sketched the parking lot island in front of me.

I can declare conclusively that I prefer drawing trees in the summer…leaves can be amorphous blobs of greens in different shades. I ran out of time drawing the thousand little tiny branches, so the trees in my drawing look more spare and sickly than their living, yet dormant, models.

Time flew and soon our friends were arriving on scene to take a soggy walk through the woods. There wasn’t a hard rain, but there was a soaking mist. Still, there was good cheer along the trail, stories of two broken Christmas trees, speculation about expected snowfall, sticks thrown in the double digits (at least) to keep the youngest puppy in the group occupied, dog treats at the corners, 37 vertical jumps by the second youngest dog in the group, 428 butt sniffs, 32.5 sudden directional changes, 5 multi-dog ground sniffs for longer than 10 seconds. You know, the “usual” group dog walking activities. 

At one corner, Jack led us in the singing of Auld Lang Syne. He knew more of the words, so he performed a solo and we rejoined at the chorus. Later he posted a complete solo in front of a bonfire on Facebook…thanks Jack!

Happy New Year to you!

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