A Notable First

There was a notable first in my house on Christmas morning. I unknowingly rekindled the fireplace from the ashes of the Christmas Eve fire.

I’d placed a few newspaper pages in the grate for a new fire and one began a slow smoulder–just a whisp of smoke curling up and out the chimney indicated there was still heat there.

The wisp

The chimney blocks and bricks were, of course, warm from the previous evening but that was not unusual. The ashes were completely gray.

Having seen the wisp of smoke, I laid out a few sticks and logs and pulled out my bellows.

The first pump on the bellows needed to be slow and drawn out to prevent ash from flying every which way. The slow stream of air from the bellows blew away the gray ash and just under the surface there was an orange glow.

A few more slow pumps on the bellows and the orange glow flamed toward a nearby corner of newspaper and spread rapidly. The fire was warming the room in minutes.

It was a first for me. It filled me with peace. There is peace in thinking just under the surface there is warmth that just needs to be slowly nurtured.

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