Many blessings upon the editors who sometimes let you fly with an idea! Tim Clancy was just that Editor-in-Chief, and he really let me run with this one.

The Glitch Happens article that appeared in the October 2007 Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers magazine was written by Dee Giffin Flaherty and Philip D. Flaherty, and they told some wonderfully descriptive stories that screamed out to me for very specific artwork.

I labored mightily trying to find the right clip art since there was no budget for photo shoots. At the time, CRM was part of Alloy Education and I was taking the train from Kenosha to the Loop every day. I digested daily news on the way to the office in the morning, and the homeward, evening rides were long, marvelous bits of time that proved very productive for my extracurricular activities.

It was on one such train ride home that I pulled out some scrap paper, and started sketching. Here are the sketches with the passages from the article that inspired them:

Rough sketch of man bending over looking at his torn trousers. Heart boxers sticking out through the tear.
“When Dick sat down to begin the first interview and he felt the inseam of his pants ripped completely open. Yep. From his crotch to his knee, his favorite suit just let go. He was fifteen seconds into his first interview with eight more breezy hours stretching before him.”
Sketch of a chicken standing at a podium wearing a pillbox hat and pearls.
“Like most of us, Jonelle engaged in an internal dialogue while answering the interview questions. She thought about how she was pretty green to San Diego, but that she was not afraid of the task at hand. She wasn’t a chicken! After this internal dialogue, however, what came out of Jonelle’s mouth was the statement, “I want you to know that I am not a green chicken.” Her clear and assertive delivery left her listeners puzzled, but silently so. “
Sketch of a woman swearing and tearing her hair out.
The passage inspiring this particular drawing is paragraphs long, and the set up is valuable, so I encourage you to read it. This drawing was a REJECT…I rejected it myself because it was missing two key aspects that would only reveal themselves as I went in for another try.
Sketch of woman walking off screen swearing while a banner falls off the wall, and certificates in stands on a table top fall over.
This was “Expletive 2” and it did a much better job of capturing the story because it included the context…those floppy, frustrating certificates. It was still missing something…if an expletive falls in the woods and there’s no one there to hear it, has it really been spoken? It needed an ear.
Swearing woman final art with red ear off other edge of page.
I patched in an ear I sketched on the double for the final art, and I modified the speech bubble to trusty Comic Sans.
Our semi-colored green chicken in her lovely pillbox hat and pearls. Final at the link above.
Replaced the hand-drawn text and thought bubble in this one too. And Tim gave me one correction on the artwork…I needed to downplay my signature. Okaaaaaaay…harumph.
Tee hee.

Were someone to ask me, “What’s the most fun you’ve ever had at work?” These illustrations are in the top 5.

Someday maybe I’ll tell you the story about Nancy and the Desktoppers—that was fun too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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