The Making of ATC 11 of 98

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be attending the AIGA Pivot conference in Phoenix. I’m very excited about this event, and so I’ve gone completely off the deep end. I’m putting together a little self-promo packet.

One of the items in the packet will be an Artist’s Trading Card. As of this moment I have completed 33 of 98. Why 98 you ask, and not…say…100? Find me at the conference and ask me, or come back after October 18th and I’ll answer that question. Boy, that’s a whole bunch of hype for something that ultimately doesn’t deserve it. Still, you have to wait.

The text design took place over a glass of wine on Tuesday (yep, the Sunday paper sits around my house for a full week…sometimes being read, sometimes used as a coaster, and sometimes used as scrap paper. This particular piece of paper might be used as kindling for the fireplace this evening…that has yet to be determined). You can see the ultimate winner circled towards the upper right…there were a loooot of fugly starts.

The top card in the completed stack above is 10 of 98. And now for the creation of 11 of 98:

The pencil sketch. Pencil first because sometimes it flows and sometimes I can’t draw a straight line to save my soul. I’m not bothering to erase the pencil on the completed ATCs…for a feeling of authenticity. Somewhere around card 20 I stopped using the prototype card as a reference, and now I’m drawing from memory…unusual for me.

A fine Sharpie for the main lines.

Micron for the fine details. Should be noted that around card 25, I switched to an Extra Fine Pilot with the roller ball…I squash my Micron tips 😦

First bit of depth added with Tombo N55.

Finishing up with the Tombo N75.

And a quick flip to number 11 of 98.

As I was typing up this post, my friendly neighborhood UPS man dropped off another element. Suuuweeeet! My logo stickers:

Stay tuned for more information about 11 of 98, and for coverage of some other elements that will be included in these fun little packets!

Thanks for stopping by!

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