Created a Little Over the Weekend

It’s been a while…again. Honestly, my interests are many and varied, and they sometimes take me far away from a computer. This is a good thing because during the summer my work chains me to my computer for many long hours, so time away from it is welcome.

I was gardening on Saturday and the resulting sore muscles kept me off my bicycle, so I ended up going for a couple of strolls and doing a bit of drawing.

While thumbing through the latest issue of Midwest Living (Sep./Oct. 2010) I came across a photo of a moose by Jason Lindsey. Seemed like a good model, so I scribbled out this Micron sketch in my Moleskine:

Then I felt like adding color, but not in the Moleskine. Started as a pencil sketch, painted a yellow wash, panted in rough background (which according to my scanner stayed very rough…picks up lots of details and adds shadows wherever the page bends…sigh), penned in the details and did a couple more layers of paint here there and where-have-you:

Sunday afternoon, after mowing the lawn, I took a glass of iced tea into the backyard and sketched some greenery from real life. Green things make good models too since they don’t fidget much.

I was captivated by the bulbous joint of that weed’s roots. Took a photo of the plant with the drawing, and I’ll post it later. The pod on the right came off of some plants growing along the north side of my house. My uncle wants some of them (he’s much better with plant names than I am or I’d tell you just what they are). I’ve got extras coming up all over, so I threw a few in pots on Saturday. I was giving them a drink and noticed these pods hanging off of the plant. The pod is about an inch in length, and when I opened it, there were about 20 black seeds inside with some white grains too.

Regarding other garden matters, did you know:

Well, have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

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